I don't hate you, it's just my Foundation

IL MAKIAGE. I'm sure you've heard about it or have seen their adds pop up all over Instagram? Well If not they make it look like magic. All these woman are putting a drop of this foundation on their face and BAM. Full, flawless coverage. But is it all they make it out to be.

I honestly was tired of seeing it pop up on my feed, so I decided to give it a whirl. You fill out this questionnaire, and its pretty legit. A bunch of questions, which was a little too much work for my liking but I understand they have to some how match your complexion to the foundation. At the end of it they say you just have to pay for shipping, get a full size product and can try for 2 weeks before you pay.

OK Margret, but why did $63.00 come out of my account? You cant tell me that's for shipping. Or is it? Either way its dumb and I paid for something. Procrastinating at its finest because I still haven't looked why that came out of my bank account.

The box arrives, and it was freaking CUTE. I was like oh shit, this is gonna be good.

The sayings on all the packages is what got me. "Undeniably Extra", "F*ck I'm flawless", "Woke up like this"? YES PLEASE. It was just the hype I needed to try all this new makeup. OK, Margret....take my $63.00! I Put my hydrator on, squirted the magic foundation on my face, used the concealer (cause you put that on after foundation....right?) and gave myself the best cat eyes to date.

Honestly, it covered great. It was light...I felt like I had nothing on my face, the color looked good. I got in the car and looked in the mirror and I was definitely on the orange side. So in my head I was like, all good I have some lighter loose powder at home so Ill put that overtop. later that afternoon I looked in the mirror and my "resting bitch face" lines OR "mean muggin lines" were outlined. I don't need that shit outlined. So I was bummed. The makeup had also gone in the creases (I refuse to call them wrinkles) under my eyes and on the corners.

I tried using a different primer the next day because all my cool makeup friends are all like "It's all about how you prep your face before the foundation"...didn't help. So needless to say, The magical makeup didn't work as good as they said it would but I'm also no pro. Will I order from them again, probably not. Have I used worse foundation....Yes. So Ill use this up and rock my mean muggin face until its empty.

I don't hate you, It's just my foundation.


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